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meningitis. >> baltimore city and county people can get their taxes done free. >> winter weather advisory. was a morning to the north. -- blizzard warning to the north. >> the case of bacterial meningitis at loyola -- at loyola university's night. an undergraduate did was diagnosed today and taken to hospital for treatment -- an undergraduate student was diagnosed a day and taken to hospital for treatment. this dude was listed in serious but stable condition. twitter -- the student was listed in serious but stable condition. twitter, facebook, youtube -- school officials believe it will serve as a vital tool to enhance education, communication and learning. it would prohibit communication between students and staff but the district says there is little doubt about how social media would benefit the classroom. >> we will look at unblocking social media sites to use them for instructional purposes. >> this is only the first reading on the social media policy. if it is approved by the school board, it would go on the books this fall. >> it is time to start thinking about filing taxes again.
have similar restrictions since sandy hook guns and ammo have been flying off shelves. a 50% tax on ammo has been introduced. legislation has been introduced to limit ammo you can buy. >>> you heard her story. tonight the name of a woman and our exclusive interview. >>> maryland's most powerful radar tracking snow to the west. how this could impact your commute, ahead. >>> this purple pride. the wager our top cop is making on the game when we come back in 60 seconds. . >>> the owners of a clinic forced to close are keeping quiet but the family is talking. tonight they're opening to us in an exclusive interview. >> you'lla witherspoon was a private person. after we found them by digging through state records, the family decided the time was right to tell her story. when you dine out an inspection lets you know the restaurant is safe. same with your car, the daycare. the state looks at all these things to protect you and your family from harm. but sometimes we just assume things are getting a closer look. >> they think my barber needs to be certified. there has to be some oversight
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commute tomorrow beginning at 4:30. hey! hey honey! hey alan. uh, hey.... i'm bob, we talked at the tax store. i did your taxes. i thought you were a tax expert? today, i'm a master plumber. major tax stores advertise for preparers with "no tax experience necessary." at turbotax, you only get answers from cpas, eas or tax attorneys - all real tax experts. ...than h&r block stores and all other major tax stores combined. . >> check out blake harper, a first grader at school. look atthshgs his classmates are going crazy after he hit a free throw. his bucket gave the entire school the day off after the superbowl. 7th and 8th graders both missed the shot from three point range but i bet you little blake harper is the most popular kid in school. >> he's definitely a hero. >> hey, quick check of the radar pictures here action because this system's beginning to edge it's way into the state and you can see what happens here as we go through the day tomorrow, it starts as a mix toward daybreak tomorrow, and then we're back to rain midday and then back to a mix with wind, 4:00 tomorrow afterno
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that cuts defense spending once again. it has $500 billion in new taxes and also cuts in domestic spending. it is irresponsible, unacceptable. it leaves their troops and our economy and ready to face the challenges of the future. or the threats of today. when i went to the steering committee to apply for this job, i explained to them the way i saw the jobless to make sure that our troops, those who we sent into harm's way would have everything they needed to carry out their missions and return home safely. everything in the way resources, training, leadership, these things are very important. and i look at what is happening with these cuts that we have seen the last couple of years and it is just irresponsible that the commander in chief, his main job should be the same that i look at as my job, only he should be looking out for the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that he sent into harm's way. he should not send them with anything less than the told that -- the total they need. and to be stepping up and continuing to cut -- i visited with their top leaders, and they have told me that
at the tax store i did your taxes. you work here too. yep. i thought you were an expert with returns? oh i am, especially after the holidays! major tax stores advertise for preparers with "no taxes experience necessary." at turbotax, you only get answers from cpas, eas or tax attorneys - all real tax experts. ...than h&r block stores and all other major tax stores combined. >>> sex only burns about 21 calories, contradicting claims that it's a vigorous fat burning workout. the national institute of health funded study says that most claims about the calorie burning potential of sex is based on one hour increments, but the study worked off an average time of six minutes, but there were a good six minutes. another study on cleaning out your ears will probably be published soon as well. >> there's jogging and sprinting and different versions of everything. >> yoga. >>> before we get too far, the seven-day forecast, look for light snow saturday night and into early sunday. probably only about an inch or so of accumulation. cold weekend, and check this out. a live shot of new orleans if i can get
, we talked at the tax store. i did your taxes. i thought you were a tax expert? today, i'm a master plumber. major tax stores advertise for preparers with "no tax experience necessary." at turbotax, you only get answers from cpas, eas or tax attorneys - all real tax experts. ...than h&r block stores and
will take a 2% reduction. the president and democrats prefer an option that raises more money by closing tax loopholes. republicans want to stick with spending cuts saying they've already agreed to tax hikes. 448,000 jobs in dc, maryland and virginia could be affected. concerned about the impact on our economy. >> sequestration will hurt not only the defense side but the nondefense side. my committee funds the fbi. there will probably be furloughs at the fbi and the national cancer institute, nih. defense and nondefense. >> that hurts the broader economy. people are concerned about their jobs and don't know the impact on their bank accounts. that holds them from spending on movies and restaurants and theaters. thinks he has time to buy a little bit more of a deal. let republicans and democrats work it out. but some republicans say they've had enough. they think the spending cuts are the only way to achieve true deficit reduction. back to you. >> all right, melanie. thank you very much. >>> president obama's pick to head the cia. a justice department memo leaked yesterday outlined the justifi
located in canada and skype in their input. i pay the taxes in canada and not in the u.s. >> in silicon valley, that is commonly happening. everywhere else but silicon valley. we want people here so they will pay taxes here and interact and start more companies after they finish projects. >> thank you. >> the gentleman from new york is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you. you have indicated throughout your testimony the need for policy or practical reasons to emphasize as we tackle this immigration issue of highly skilled visas. you have founded a company of 1000 plus employees. you have written a book. you work at one our most distant wish universities. you have -- one of our most distant wish to universities have contributed much to america. we have a history of dealing with refugees with a passion that makes sense for who we are and what we represent in our democratic values. with the history of making sure that we grant visas in recognition of the fact that we need to draw from people all across the world. that is the premise of the diversity. tha that makes a stronger. the ne
, ken molestina, wusa 9. >>> and from stolen jewel rye we go to stolen identity. this is tax season now, but imagine this. you try to file your taxes only to find someone has beaten you to it. this is the nightmarish reality for millions of americans and many of them are your neighbors. >> that's right, derek. i have learned that this is a crime where you can be victimized over and over again. according to the treasury inspector general for tax administration, nearly 1.2 million of these cases were reported to the irs in 2012. and tonight, the two people you're about to hear from say they now live in constant fear. >> my accountant gave me a call on the telephone and told me we couldn't file electronically. >> reporter: the irs granted jonathan again an extension to file his 2011 taxes. he needed the time to grieve the loss of his daughter, alexis. she was full of life, even as a brain tumor took a toll on her little body. >> she was an amazing little girl. never complained once. >> reporter: alexis died just a few weeks shy of her fifth birthday. when jonathan mustered the energy to fi
." -- please tax me more." we have gotten so desperate in this area that we are talking about, perhaps because we cannot make a policy decision on this and have not since the early 1990's on the federal level, maybe we need to go to indexing of the fuel tax. >> you are talking like infrastructure, not to pay for subsidies, right? >> what we need is more infrastructure, and that is a public good, and it needs to be paid for, and generally with tax revenues. i do not think anybody is faulting that. i think it is sold that we need higher fuel tax, and we can use that either to reduce the deficit or to pay for something else. it was designed -- or intended -- whether it has done so successfully or not, it was done to pay for infrastructure. >> absolutely. we are not real happy about that. >> john, what are you hoping for next week? >> for some reason, i have not been consulted on that. the president in the campaign said he was 4 and all of the above energy policy, so let's have some announcements that support that -- he was for an " all of the above" energy policy. let's move forward with the thin
an opportunity scholarship bill giving businesses a tax credit for making contributions to a scholarship fund. these dollars will be distributed, on a means-tested basis, to students at low- performing schools for use in attending the school of their choice. [applause] all in, the proposed budget includes 135 million dollars in new investment in nevada's schoolchildren. [applause] and as parents and taxpayers, we have a right to expect a return on that investment. while nevada's teachers will be supported through the most effective professional development, elevated student performance requires an outstanding teacher in every classroom, and an outstanding principal in every building. nevada is on the cusp of implementing a system that will transform the way we evaluate our state's teachers and administrators. but we need to take the next step. my budget includes an appropriation for a data system that links student performance to teacher effectiveness. this system is a long term investment in what will be the backbone of our approach to teacher evaluation. it will ensure that parents and stud
talked at the tax store. i did your taxes. i thought you were a tax expert? today, i'm a master plumber. major tax stores advertise for preparers with "no tax experience necessary." at turbotax, you only get answers from cpas, eas or tax attorneys - all real tax experts. ...than h&r block stores and all other major tax stores combined. i can't believe your mom let you take her car out.ck! this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. . >>> abc-2 use is brought to you by edward arthur jewelers. >>> what a discovery they made in spain. not a regular crab, a blue crab, but a really old spyder crab. 100, 000,000 years old. it was found in a quarry in northern spain. it pushed back the origin of spyder crabs. >> to of our favorite animals. the spieder and the crab. >>> well, you know, at one point we thought we could have a decent coating of snow. doesn't look like it is going to
that ends this governance by crisis. >> the president wants fewer cuts and more tax revenue. that's the same argument he made during the fiscal cliff talks with republicans late last year. >>> a new push in maryland, it's aimed at preventing the long lines during early voting. today the house ways and means committee is considering a bill to increase the number of early voting center. last fall some voters stood in line for hours just to vote early. until this new proposal, even county would get more voting locations officials would ultimately decide where they go. governor o'malley is also pushing to increase the number of early voting days from six to eight. >>> a news4 exclusive tonight. metro is testing the tracks for the silver line. we're getting the first and only look before riders hop aboard. >>> people love the redskins, but a lot of people don't love the name. we'll talk about a new push tonight for change. >>> plus an explosion at this deli shop. tonight there are new developments about the man hurt. "news4 at 5" is just getting started. >>> a news4 exclusive tonight, a look at t
. bill will go up for vote on tuesday. >>> dc residents may be surprised on tax day. why parking and speeding tickets may come back to haunt you. >> and gary's watching a cold winter weekend weather forecast. >> not as cold as today, but still real cold for the first one of february. some snow, too. all the details in the forecast, coming up. >> and check out the rundown. we're back. i got it when we could two min. [ male announcer ] once you've got verizon fios internet, you get it -- the difference 100% fiber optics makes. but don't take our word for it -- ask a real fios customer. ask me why fiber optics matters. ask me about the upload speeds -- they're sick! [ male announcer ] so go online and send a tweet to a real fios customer. last chance to get fios for just $89.99 a month for 2 years with a 2-year agreement. plus get $300 back. visit got2getfios.com for america's fastest, most reliable internet. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. we know some people are never happy with the way things are. at honda, and are always dreaming o
the people of south carolina proud by giving them successes on tax relief and regulatory reform and strengthening protections and cyber security. it is a great day in south carolina. it will only continue if we make it so. i look forward to the fingers going down and handshakes beginning. thank you. god bless you. me he continue to bless the great state of south carolina. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> martin o'malley called for the repeal of the death penalty, asking for tougher gun control laws increasing our jobs in maryland. this 35 minute event is part of the maryland public television. >> thank you. thank you all. got bless you. >> thank you very, very much. bannermr. speaker, mr. president, distinguished minority leaders, lieutenant brown, governor hughes, attorney general gensler, colleagues and city colleagues, mayor vincent gray from our neighbors and new columbia. [laughter] ambassadors, members of fema of these united states. [applause] katie o'malley and the men and women of the maryland general assembly, there is more that unites us tha
will see you then. >>> a nickel for your thoughts or your grocery bag. so how is that tax working in montgomery county anyway? find out. >> wind is howling, wind chills very low, three chances of snow the next three days. no advisory, but if you're headed out, hat, gloves. 26 mile-per-hour wind gusts downtown and a 29 mile-per-hour wind gusts and we'll talk about why tomorrow is a yellow alert. >> up next a contraception compromise, what the >>> a compromise on contraception from the obama administration today. the department of health and human services announced it will let certain nonprofits like hospitals and schools say no, but they have to have insurance companies comply. >>> if women are in, we're out. that's the threat from 17% of marines surveyed last summer. it jumped to 22% for women assigned involuntarily to the jobs. the men said if women are allowed to serve in combat, they would likely leave. those numbers were given to leon panetta before he made the decision to allow women into combat last week. >>> montgomery county's bag tax isn't having the results officials ho
, an important warning this income tax season. we're going to show you how easy it is for crooks to e file using your name, social security number, and a fake w- 2. >>> i'm topper shutt. colder air moving in tonight. here are the temperatures if you're headed out. prepare for windchills and pretty cold air. 45 downtown. it's 39 in gaithersburg. 37 in frederick and 41 in leesburg and 45 in manassas. we are tracking a nor'easter. that should perk up your ears for friday and friday night. >>> two years after a jury convicted him of murdering chandra levi, he is due back here for a hearing tomorrow. so why are prosecutors and the judge refusing to tell us what is going on? i'm bruce leshan. the story just the other side of the break. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >>> secret hearing, disappearing documents. the mystery only deepens tonight in the decade old chandra levy murder case. >> a judge refused today to tell us what the hec
scheduled to begin march 1. it is including tax changes. the president spoke to reporters for just over five minutes. >> good afternoon, everybody. i wanted to say a few words about the looming deadlines and decisions that we face on our budget and on our deficit, and these are decisions that will have real and lasting impacts on the strength and pace of our recovery. economists and business leaders from across the spectrum have said that our economy is poised for progress in 2013. and we've seen signs of this progress over the last several weeks. home prices continue to climb. car sales are at a five-year high. manufacturing has been strong. and we've created more than six million jobs in the last 35 months. but we've also seen the effects that political dysfunction can have on our economic progress. the drawn-out process for resolving the fiscal cliff hurt consumer confidence. the threat of massive automatic cuts have already started to affect business decisions. so we've been reminded that while it's critical for us to cut wasteful spending, we can't just cut our way to prosperity. deep,
flacco. the salary-cap situation would avoid having to use the franchise tax on flacco. they will not repeat mistakes following the first super bowl where they had to mortgage the future to repeat the chance. they want to make it clear -- they are not going that route again. >> we are not going to get caught up in the moment and do things to our salary cap and make decisions in the euphoria of winning that could hurt us in 2014 and 2015, like we did in 2001. every single veteran was restructured so that every single veteran could stay. then we ended up losing some many people next year. you have to make sure the excitement of the day does not cloud what we promised to build, and that was a consistent when -- -- win. >> it was really interesting to watch today. >> and the big thing is the future. that is the idea of, it is great to be super bowl champion. that is the goal. do not get caught up trying to be the repeat champion. the overall philosophy, at every year you try. >> kudos. you did a bang up job this season. >> today. >> it was great to share with you. >> you h
. that means tax season is getting started. it's also apparently in time for identity theft. >> that's right. tax season also become prime time for fraud season. whether you're filing your returns online or through the mail, it's worth a few reminders to keep personal information safe and away from identity thieves. here are some tips that you're going to want to put into action, a big one right off the gate, don't carry documents with your social security number or your individual taxpayer identification number right on it. also, don't give that information over the phone, through the mail or over the internet. this is unless you are the one who initiated the conversation in the first place. make sure the computer you're using has updated antispam and virus software as well as all of those updated security patches and no matter how busy you are, you want to avoid working on your taxes over public wi-fi connections like a cafe or in an airport. >>> the following should raise some red flags for consumers. more than one tax return filed in your name, a balance due for a year, you didn't file a
. president obama is asking congress to come up with short term spending cuts and tax revenue to delete automatic spending cuts to kick in on march 1. today the president urged lawmakers to pass a smaller package for now to stop the damaging effects of across-the- board cuts. >> the jobs of thousands of americans who work in national security, education, clean energy, there is no reason they should be put in jeopardy because folks in washington could not come together. >> john boehner said additional tax increases are out of the question. he said americans do not support sacrificing real spending cuts for more tax hikes. >> maryland lawmakers have a few things on their mind. how about golf cart zones on highways or a hefty fine if you make a grocery cart suffer abandonment. those are being considered in annapolis. >> what time is it? >> game time. >> there is a lighter side to conducting business in annapolis. legislators sometimes poked fun at each other's bills. this webcst highlights several -- webcast highlights several. >> it's femurs to have a little fun. not take everything so se
, -- >> then they should pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms. >> get us through the fiscal year and give congress time to work on a budget. >> we should give them a chance to come up with this budget instead of making indiscriminate cuts now that will cost us jobs and significantly slowed down our recovery. >> both sides agree something has to be done, but how? republican leaders are digging in their heels against more tax revenue. john boehner believes there is a better way to reduce the deficit but americans do not support sacrificing real spending caps for more tax hikes. the president signaled yesterday he might be open to changes in medicare and social security. >> coming up, a powerful earthquake triggers a five-foot tsunami in the south pacific. the latest estimates on the damage. you could soon go all we can without mail service. why the post office is cons >> at least five people are dead in the solomon islands following a tsunami in the south pacific. this was triggered by a powerful earthquake. the tsunami reached a height of close to 5 feet. dozens of aftershocks ran
in it, we don't tax you think about it. it is as if because we know it was awful, we can somehow pretended was not part of american culture. >> and early 20th century -- eugenics, in early 20th century. >> "washington journal" continues. michael're back with burgess, a republican and vice chairman of the energy and commerce subcommittee. thanks for talking to our viewers. guest: thanks for having me. host: republicans are saying to avoid the automatic spending cuts, we need entitlement reform on the table. president obama said yesterday if we cannot agree to something long-term like entitlement reform, let's do something short-term. do you agree? guest: no. president obama should be talking about the next sequester, because this one is happening. it was postponed to march 1 on the first and january. this is a promise that we made, the congress and the president made to the american people in order to get our fiscal house in order if we could not come up with the cuts, the savings to do that, these cuts would be automatic. host: you are ok with them? guest: i don't like it. the re
and tax reforms to delay the sequester until a long-term solution is found. >> proposals that i put forward during the fiscal cliff negotiations in discussions with speaker boehner and others are still very much on the table. >> solvinging america's problems starts with what every family does every month. they have got to do a budget. >> senate republicans say they will examine the president's plan but they also plan to introduce their own to avoid the first year of defense cuts by reducing the size of the federal work force through attrition. also, president obama will be visiting israel this spring. the president and israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu talked about the trip in a phone call last week. the white house says the visit is an opportunity to reaffirm the deep bond between our two countries and also provides an opportunity to talk about the way forward on iran and syria among other issues. the dates for the trip not yet announced. >>> we are getting a look tonight at that accident that led to the season-ending injury for olympic gold medalist lindsey vonn. why some
asks for, if we give him every tax increase he asks for, if we do absolutely everything that the budget he's required by law to submit requests, we will begin to pay down the first penny of debt never. in fact, if we do absolutely everything that the budget he's required by law to submit to us asks, the debt will continue to grow forever. i agree with so much my friends on other side are saying about the sequester, about the fiscal cliff. that's why we acted in may on this body, that's why we passed another sequester replacement in august, that's why we passed another one in december. i agree. but can't we also agree that if you're going to be commander in chief of america, if you're going to be the president of the united states, if you're going to uphold and defend the constitution, and we have our former joint chiefs of staff chairmen telling us that our greatest national security threat is our growing debt, shouldn't it be fair to ask the president to tell us when, if ever, he plans to begin paying back the first penny? mr. speaker, it's not a stupid piece of legislation that we're
. >> what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> tax time right around the corner. a couple things you can do this weekend if you want to procrastinate a little bit longer. it will make you feel like you're getting stuff done. it will make the ultimate job easier. >> thank you, jess. >>> for the first time president obama has nominate add woman to fill one of his second term cabinet openings. that story coming up. >> another one of the president's nominees is facing some tough questions or will face tough questions coming up today on capitol hill. >> ahead in sports, the wizards stay in the win column by ruining someone else's winning streak. we'll have highlights when we come back. >>> welcome back. 5:09. we have a chilly morning. lots of 20s out there. it's not going to be nearly as nice as yesterday. some of you may see a sprinkle before the day is over. here's a look at the day planner with temperatures getting into the upper 30s. that's it in some of our northern suburbs to 44 down south. perhaps a peek or two of sun. a cloudy afternoon. look for a high of 41 in d.c. rain moves in
that they should at least pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaging effects of the sequester for a few more months until congress finds a way to replace these cuts with a smarter solution. >> immediately, republicans said no. politico's headline reads, it's already d.o.a. on the hill. republicans reject this right away because they see tax reforms as a tax increase. here's what kelly ayacht said this morning. >> his first response to everything is new taxes. he got $600 billion in new revenue, where were the spending cuts? now again he wants to raise taxes. i think it's time for us to cut spending. >> and those comments followed pat toomey, who said sorry, president obama, no more tax increases. mitch mcconnell said the government will not support more tax hikes in place of the meaningful spending reductions. so what's behind the president talking about this yesterday? >> it's no surprise. of course they're going to say it's d.o.a. they always say it's d.o.a. >> but is it d.o.a.? >> i'm not sure it is. i do think there is renewed pressure on
surprised his colleagues and introduced an amendment. it would impose a sales tax on gas in virginia. that would take the place of current gas tax. it would eliminate the sales tax hike mcdonnell had wanted and scrap the hundreds of millions of dollars in fee increases the governor was pushing for. >> dog owners will rally in annapolis this morning in hopes of earning more protection if their pets bite someone. pit bulls and their owners are singled out for punishment even if the dog has no previous estimate of being dangerous. the demonstration supports a new measure holding all dog owners responsible for a bite. it allows the owner to prove in court that the doing was not dangerous. >>> the debate over immigration reform will play out today at the white house and on capitol hill. president obama will meet today with labor leaders and immigration reform groups to discuss his plan to reform the nation's immigration reform laws. he'll discuss the issue some of the country's most prominent ceos. across town, there will be the first in a series of hearings on immigration reform. >>> new
. >>> as tax season starts, a federal judge repealed to enforce new regulation on tax preparers. the irs wanted to have tax preparers pass a competency plan. the irs wanted the regulations to take effect while they appealed the decision, but the judge denied that request. the irs says the rules are needed to address an increase of what it calls poorly filed returns. >>> and the earlier you file, by the way, the better. tax services say if you wait to file your taxes, there's a chance you could become a victim of identity theft. if that happens, it could mean big problems for you come refund time. >> they'll get ahold of their social security numbers. they can get ahold of their social security numbers for their dependents, their children they claim on their tax return. that can cause massive delays in them getting the refund. >> tax companies say fraud stst are already working to steal identities. >>> some drivers in virginia are complaining about the price of driving on the new 495 expressway. many say the toll goes up even when there aren't any traffic issues in those lanes. transurban, which
will be reached by the march 1 deadline. he urged congress to pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms to delay the sequester in a budget can replace it. >> the threat of massive automatic cuts have already started to affect businesses decisions. deep, indiscriminate cuts to things like education, training, energy, national security will cost our jobs. >> the president's budge set late again. democrats haven't done a budge net nearly four years. and none of them have aa plan to replace the sequester. the sooner we solve our spending problems, the sooner our jobs problem will go away as well. >> president obama says the proposals he offered boehner late last year during the talks over the fiscal cliff are still on the table now. >>> it was hot topic during presidential campaign. but a hot potato for some lawmakers. now immigration reform is taking center stage. steve handelsman joins from us capitol hill where the results of the november election left some republicans more open to overhauling the laws. >> reporter: maybe a lot more open. republicans up here on capitol hill in gr
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you think about the proposed tax increases the president made yesterday? caller: i think, my issue with that -- we have already had our tax increase in the first place. i don't necessarily agree with them. i realize that you need a little more revenue. i will agree with that to an extent, because it is both sides. if he is trying come to a balanced proposal at this point in time and propose equal cuts versus revenue, that's not fair, because we have already increased our taxes in the first place. the original deal was supposed to solve the fiscal cliff. host: april is on our facebook page. randy is an independent in butler, oklahoma. good morning. caller: i think they ought to let it go through. military budgets have doubled in the last 12 years and the research and development part of that is over $60 billion. that is not buying tanks or anything. we have spent $200 billion on the f-22 program, the fight for that no one wants. plenty of things to cut. go ahead and raise my taxes. i realize we have to bring in more money. i'm a grown-up. i will just take home less money, but we hav
to a long-term unified approach to our debt and deficit. the tenants of that of course deal with the tax expenditures that we deal with that and the health care costs that are going up. the chair: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. schrader: with that i reserve the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman from georgia is recognized. mr. price: i claim time in opposition. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. price: thanks, madam chair. i want to commend my colleague from oregon and colleagues that came together to submit this amendment as i believe it truly to be well-intentioned but i think it misses the mark. i think for two reasons specifically that it ought not be adopted by this body. first, it unnecessarily restricts the ability of the president to determine how he would balance the budget. remember, the underlying bill doesn't tie the president's hands in any way. it simply says to the president, when you submit your budget to congress, just let us know when it's going to balance. it's not going to balance within the period of time that's defined by the budget window,
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.3% and medicare a 2% reduction. >> i believe they should pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaging affects of the sequester for a few more mots until congress finds a way. >> reporter: the president wants to raise more money by ending tax loopholes, but republicans want deeper entitlement cuts. >> if we're going to connect with the american people, it's important that they see not only that we're serious about solving our debt problems. >> a studdie by george mason university estimated 448,000 jobs could be affected in d.c., maryland, and virginia. for months, defense contractors have pleaded for action. >> we would hope that congress would meet their obligations to us and to the public. >> reporter: virginia congressman frank wolf wrote to the president and speaker arguing the bipartisan plan would avoid sequestration and stop its widespread affect on jobs. >> sequestration will hurt not only the defense side bow the non-defense side. my committee funds the fbi. there will probably be furloughs at the fbi. >> there will be furloughs at th
they should at least pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaging affects for a few more months until congress finds a way. >> there's no greater moral imperative than to reduce the mountain of debt that's facing us, our children and theirs. and our house republican majority stands ready for the president and his party to join us in actually tackling the big problems facing this country. >> you really get a sense of the different of opinion now is the time to deal with the deficit problem or whether deficit spending should continue. those cuts are already having an impact. a report last week showed the growth in the 4th quarter shrank because of uncertainty of what is going to happen with sequestration. that's the latest here. i'm melanie alnwick. >> thank you much. >>> in other news this morning, dc mayor vincent gray highlighted the city's successes during third annual state of district address. he mentioned a 3% drop in unemployment. the creation of 28,000 private sector jobs in the last two years. unprecedented development and a drop in
's urging congress to pass a similar package of spending cuts and tax reforms to delay the sequester until a budget can replace it. >> the threat of massive automatic cuts have already started to affect business decisions. deep, indiscriminate cuts to things like education and training and energy and national security will cost us jobs. >> the president's budget is late again. democrats haven't done a budge net nearly power years. none of them have a plan to replace the sequestered. the sooner we solve our spending problem, the sooner our jobs problem will go away as well. >> the president says the proposals he offered to speaker boehner late last year during the discussion about the so-called fiscal cliff are still on the table. >>> resident shot video as flames shot into the air engulfing the row house in southeast washington this morning. later, firefighters went inside that house and found the bodies of two adults. this all happened in the 1700 block of r street southeast. pat collins is there now with reaction from one neighbor who says she had concerns about that property. >> reporte
.3% and medicare would take a 2% reduction. the president prefers an option that raises more money by closing tax loopholes. republicans want to stick with spending cuts only. a study by george mason university estimated that 448,000 jobs in d.c., maryland and virginia could be affected by automatic indiscriminate budget cuts. business leaders and local congressmen are concerned about the impact on our economy. >> and sequestration will hurt not only the defense side but the non-defense side. my committee funds the f.b.i. there will probably be furloughs at the f.b.i. there will be furloughs potentially at the national cancer institute, at nih. this thing has ramifications for defense and non-defense. >> reporter: the cuts were originally scheduled to kick in january 1st because congress couldn't grow on a broad package to reduce the deficit several times in 2011 and 2012 in excomping for republicans agreeing to raise the debt ceiling and they were pushed off again during the year-end fiscal cliff negotiations. why another short-term deal? the president seems to believe that wear just going to bu
on amazon.com. tax time is coming and qualified taxpayers can get their return done at no cost. those who make $51,000 or less can get help from the irs income assistance program. those who are 60 and older can get for the tax counsel for the elderly program. log on to irs.gov for more information. turning to our medical alert, millions of americans tune in to the super bowl yesterday. the standard cuisine is not exactly healthy. all those chicken wings, chips, and beer may have the feeling guilty today, but new research from harvard university shows if you are feeling a little bigger interest in the jeans, you need to think about what you are eating when you eat. >> it is the first large-scale study by researchers that found when you need matters people who eat their big male of the day early lose more than those seat big lake. >> the earlier you eat, the more time you have to burn off the calories. >> the study looked at europeans, whose main meal of the day is lunch. those that done before 3:00 p.m. not only lost significant way, their last likely to develop diabetes. the timing of the
is there that he put spending cuts on the table. he asked them for them to be paired with tax increases as well. there is more good will than people realize. more agreement that we have such a big budget problem that will we're going to fire on all cylinders. we have to cut spending. frankly, we have raise more revenue. >> you're listening to the california program and our speakers are economic experts. we are discussing national, regional, and global economic challenges. you can find video online. there's a series of questions around employment and job growth. what what is your outlook on job growth? >> i will start. i think -- i will say i was here last year and i'm more optimistic this year than last year. we made a significant amount of progress. it looks like housing prices have started to turn the corner. if you look at household balance sheets we see that consumers have paid down that debt that weighed on them. i think there are reasons to be optimistic. i am fairly optimistic. i think we still have things weighing on us. i think the concern about, are we going to shoot ourselves in the
. at the beginning in january, a sharp increase in payroll taxes has taken a bite out of our wallets. the chain store sales have weakened as they suggest consumer confidence is suffering. the 2% applies to all earned didn't come up to $113,000. the payroll tax holiday will decrease disposable income. running through midnight, qualifying products will be exempt from the 6% sales tax. it begins on saturday immediately preceding the third monday in february. for more information, log on to our web site, wbaltv.com. as the housing market bounces back, remodeling is seeing an upswing. they predicted 20% increase this year in money spent on remodeling, but they say they will be staying in the homes rather than flipping them to sell. the plan they're paying for them is also changing. >> and not try to get the new kitchen all at once. first to the cabinets. maybe then the appliances. emden next year flooring. >> many contractors are still short on work allowing you more opportunity to haggle for lower prices. it you should keep energy efficiency in mind to receive tax credits later. >> the heaviest of snow i
taxes could put you at risk. >>> and the history lesson for singer alicia keys from legendary poe et maya angelou. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. >>> good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. time now to check on our forecast. >> we've heard from punxsutawney phil, potomac phil, but what about nebraska avenue chuck? >> well, i can tell you one thing, we have a little sunshine out here. i'm going to ask our director to do the million-dollar shot pan down to the shadow we go. can you see nebraska chuck's shadow on the sidewalk? move around, let's see. yes, you can. it's there's. just a hint of a shadow on the storm team 4 weather deck this morn
and tax reform hit a brick on capitol hill. politico reporting that obama's plan dead on arrival, and house speaker john boehner was speaking on capitol hill, right now saying that his party plans to stand with the american people and we want to show you exactly what he had to say about that yesterday. >> on two occasions has passed a plan to replace the sequester. it's time for the senate democrats to do that work. it's time for the president to offer his ideas about how to replace the sequester. >> his first answer to everything is new taxes. and when you think about it, what happened in january, he got $600 billion in new revenue, where were the spending cuts? now again he wants to raise taxes. i think it's time for us to cut spending. >> now with 1,379 days gone since the last time congress passed a budget and with the country poised to take a poison pill of cuts, what will it take? >> not passing a budget is shameful. and now you have the president saying well, i'm against the sequester cuts. well okay, great. well what are you going to replace them with? >> the republicans
of companies paid out dividends in anticipation of tax law changes. also, some companies paid out special bonuses. that did lead to an unusually strong number for december. but, you know, in general, it was a temporary kind of thing. we would not expect those things. host: how did the year look? guest: overall, we had an increase of 3.5% for the year .12. -- 2012. that is a good increase. it is a little below the long- term trends. host: when is a personal income, is that take-home pay or are there several factors associated? guest: there are a number of factors involved. within personal income, we have wages and salaries which account for more than half of the total. we also have small business income, things like rental income and also investment income in terms of interest and dividends and so forth. there is transfer income, social security and unemployment and so forth. there is a variety of types of income. it is an all-encompassing. host: a boost as far as money is concerned. what does that say overall, not only from how people personally did but how does it into the economy? guest
, or a suggestion that we need to impose a carbon tax, because that is designed to increase the costs. in my state of alaska, in a community like [indiscernible] a you come community on the river, they pay $6.90 for their diesel. that is how they heat their homes. when you suggest to them that the best thing to do is increase the price to decrease consumption, i do not know what the temperature is there this morning, but last week in the interior temperatures range between 45 degrees below zero and 50 degrees below zero. i cannot go back to alaska and tell people that the way that we tackle this is to increase your prices, demanding you to use less and limit your choices. that is not what a strong nation does. what a strong nation does is figure out how we advanced to the next stage, how we build out these clean technologies and diverse technologies that will allow us to do your choices. more and do it in a clean and environmentally responsible way. raising our energy costs, imposing the mandates, other heavy handed ideas but are out there for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they will not pass.
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